Rulers Of Nations


With the Rulers of Nations modding tool, create your own geopolitical scenarios and share them with other players !

A comprehensive creation tool

The modding add-on lets you :

   ● modify country data (economic, political, demographic, fiscal...)
   ● change international relations between countries (diplomatic alignment, military alliances...)
   ● transform world geography (merging countries, making regions independent, putting a new city on the map...)
   ● create new missions and scenarios that are highly developed and detailed (triggering protests, wars, disasters, political scandals, assassinations, national elections, character demands... with the option of defining several conditions for triggering these events, and editing game text...)
   ● remake history by creating scenarios starting in the past or the future, from year 1900
   ● enrich the scenarios with new character faces and names, new logos and group names with the customization kit that can be used with the modding tool
   ● easily share your creations (host and download from our website, directly send mods from the game...)

Some examples

To illustrate how these options work, here are three examples of scenarios designed with this tool (and excerpts from about ten scenarios included with the Modding add-on).

1-"Democratic spirit"
In this scenario, the player plays the head of state of a country affected by the Arab Spring. The objective is to shift to democracy before the people get rid of him.
The countries you can play: Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, China, Cuba, North Korea, Oman, Mauritania, Sudan, Kuwait.
With the Event Planner in this scenario (see the below screen capture), the modder can create different kinds trouble (demonstrations, riots...). With the Event Planner, you can choose the instigator of, the motive for, the seriousness of, the location of, and the conditions for triggering the event. These conditions can be a function of the specific timing (e.g. on such a date, a demonstration starts), of the value of one or several variables (e.g.: the dictatorship in the country is too strong), or other events that are triggered in the scenario (e.g.: a warning has been sent to the player).
Text specific to the scenario, from newspaper articles to character requests, have been written and scripted by the modder. The modder selects the authors.

creating a scenario in the modding tool
creating a scenario in the modding tool

how the scenario plays out in the game
how the scenario plays out in the game

2-"The clash of civilizations"
In 2015, Huntington's theory becomes a reality. The nations with the same values have been grouped into eight main civilization blocs: Western, Islamic, Confucian, Latin-American, African, Hindu, Slavic Orthodox, and Japanese. The player must choose sides and face up to this new world order.
In this scenario, the modder has grouped several countries together to form one single one. The modder also modified the diplomatic alignments among the 8 countries that have been formed in this way.

nation forming
nation forming

Note that this scenario can include an image, and that when the mod is shared on the site, the modder can add several illustration captures.

3-"The Mug Party in power"
Against all expectations, Sarah Malin — an American politician — ran for the presidential elections as the candidate of a very conservative new party, the Mug Party. This party is extremely popular. The player plays the current American president. To be reelected, the player must be able to stand up to Sarah Malin's increasing influence.
The scenario modder has added a new party to the United States, the Mug Party. To add this new party, the modder has specified its political leanings and the number of sympathizers.
The modder has also added a photo of Sarah Malin and the new party's logo in this mod's personalization kit.

creating a new political party
creating a new political party